If you’re concerned about your home electrical safety, there’s nobody better to offer tips than a professional electrician. Since electrical issues can lead to fires and electrocutions, you want to be sure your home is safe. The tips below come from a professional and will help you stay safe when it comes to your electrical system.

Use the Right Wattage

It might seem crazy but using the correct bulbs is essential. First, check appliances, lamps, and fixtures to make sure the correct bulbs are in place. If there is no listed wattage, use 60-watt or less bulbs. For ceiling fixtures that are unmarked, go with 25-watt bulbs.

Check Your Outlets

Overloading outlets is one of the most common causes of electrical issues. Check your outlets and make sure they are cool when you touch them. They should be in working order and have protective faceplates. If not, you shouldn’t be using them. Bring in an electrician to help.

Keep Cords Secure and Organised

Even when you aren’t using cords, you want to store them somewhere to avoid damage. Keep them away from pets and children as they might play with them or chew on them. Don’t wrap them tightly around other items since it can cause overheating and stretching.

Unused Appliances Should Be Unplugged

This is a simple tip, but many people forget to put it into practice. If you aren’t using an appliance or device, unplug it. This helps prevent phantom energy drain, which can save you money. But it also protects them from potential power surges or overheating issues.

Provide Space for Circulation

Any electrician will tell you that air circulation is important. Without it, devices can short out or overheat and lead to a fire hazard. Don’t run electrical items while in enclosed spaces. You should also move flammable items away from electronics and appliances.

If you have further questions about home electrical safety, you should speak with an electrician such as Service Today to get the answers you need. Choose a local expert who can guide you on keeping your home as safe as possible.

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