Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Function: apartments
Area: 188.3 m²
Desig Studio: Loft Buro
Photographer: Andriy Avdeyenko

Nestled in the heart of Kyiv, this residence stands as a testament to family traditions and architectural ingenuity, offering sweeping views of the city’s right bank. The home’s “colonial loft” style is a harmonious blend of European architectural heritage with the lively ethnic and vintage nuances of Eastern cultures.

Upon entering, one is greeted by the fluidity of the first level’s rooms, culminating in a living room that commands a cityscape evocative of seaside bungalows. The decor, a subtle homage to the natural world, radiates a sense of calm and understated elegance.

The living room is anchored by a crystalline hearth, providing a 360-degree spectacle of the dancing flames, framed by artisanal ceramic tiles and a minimalist metal foundation. The decor celebrates the beauty of unrefined materials, fostering an ambiance that’s both rustic and refined.

In the kitchen, dark hues mingle with the luster of brass fixtures, creating an aura of chic sophistication.

The entryway, bathed in verdant and azure tones, reflects the homeowners’ zest for life, further accentuated by the textured walls that are a hallmark of our design philosophy.

The bathroom, adjacent to the patio and veiled from the living room by tasteful wooden panels, boasts panoramic glazing that invites the outside in.

A majestic staircase, pieced together from salvaged materials, bridges the public and private realms of this two-tiered abode.

The upper-level bathroom transforms into a sanctuary of serenity, featuring a bathtub cradled by a stone plinth, surrounded by verdant flora. A tranquil Buddha statue presides over the space, amplifying its restorative atmosphere.

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