What happen when Swarovski cooperate with Nike? You will have a luxury glittering sneaker. The pinnacle of luxury in athletic footwear comes with two colors and with the price tag around 450 USD.

According to the description, it is covered in over 228 individual unfaceted retroreflective Swarovski crystals created exclusively for Nike. Each studded element adds up to make this Air Force 1 beam as bright as its light source. Inspired by road reflectors, the measured light reflection of Swarovski’s crystals across this Air Force 1 return light, allowing visibility on dark roads. The crystals themselves are held in by a modular 4-piece shroud, which you can customize by using a mini screwdriver studded with a Swarovski crystal included in the box. Lace-up, lock-in and unlock limitless expression by shining through the streets.

Honestly, for me, it is a very bold idea. And I personally will never wear such kind of shoes. These are not sportwear anymore. It is a shinning disc ball you wear on your feet. And I can’t stop worrying the chance of losing the crystals. But apparently, this is a very hot and the it already got sold out on Nike store.

How do you like this rubber mesh panels with silver studs shoes?

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