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Shoe Bakery: the Sweetest Shoes on the World

Shoes and sweets are two things loved by most women. Driven by this idea, shoe bakery decided to put them together and create the sweetest shoes on the world – shoes look like various...


If Shoes Have Faces, How Would They Look Like?

You have different styles of shoes at home, new, old, fashionable, outdated. However, if each one has face, what will it look like? Hard to imagine? Gwen Murphy give her answer, who transform old...


15 Cool and Unusual Shoes

When comes to shoe design, it is really hard to say it is stylish or crazy. But I guess, most of shoes in this post are uncomfortable to wear. But anyway, it is interesting...


10 creative concept shoe design

“Concept” designs are hot in cars, furniture, tech, etc. Fulfilling that need to fix that addiction to novel design ideas for those who also have shoe fetishes are these concept shoes. Most of concept...


Weird Shoes without Foot Plate

Our creative designer never limit their imagination and think about something deeply, like architect Julian Hakes from London who has designed a pair of shoes with no foot plate.


Shoes Art – In the name of ART?

Colombian born artist Federico Uribe , began his career as a painter and he wanted to widen his abilities as an artist and approach art from a brand new prospective. His quest took him...


Unusual and Creepy Shoes Design

I love shoes and like to buy different shoes… However, I am pretty sure, I don’t want to wear any shoes presented below…. They are just too cool to me. lol Animal Series Shoes...