Lip art, as a special type of body paint is quite popular these days. There are all kinds of lipstick shades and accessories that you can use to decorate your lip. But today, we will not talk about these super fashionable makeup but some adorable “lip animal”.

These cute “lip animals” are created by Andrea Reed, the lip artist behind girlgreybeauty on Instagram. To Andrea, art and makeup were always a huge fancy for her, which led to her merging the two together. With the lips being a smaller and more challenging canvas, I wanted to give it a try! And people seemed to really love the lip art, so I stuck with it.

Doesn’t like Reed’s other fancy, glory lip art, the “lip animals” might look a bit plain, but they are definitely really cute. Fox, pig, octopus, dog, cow, what other animals you want to see?

Head over to see Reed’s lip paint on her Instagram. Maybe, you don’t want to put an animal on your face. But you can definitely get some inspiration from the page and put on a fancy makeup.

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