As a designer, I know the importance of packaging. While when I look at the fine box of the Ferrand Cognac Légendaire, I started to wonder do I really know the importance of packaging.

Maison Ferrand was founded in 1989 with a mission to preserve age-old, craft production methods that capture the true expression of the spirit, whilst upholding a commitment to revisit the classics when advancing innovation. Worth approximated $2.8K, this newly released Ferrand Cognac Légendaire is enclosed in an elaborate hand-carved wooden box, utilizing some of the Maison’s oldest stocks, including liquid that is a century old.

As a person who know nothing about cognac, the only thing does amazed me besides the expensive price tag, it is stunning packaging. “The packaging is informed by different elements found at the Manoir de Mademoiselle,” Pierre Casteuble, Artistic Director at Maison Ferrand, explains to Luxe Packaging Insight , from the decanter’s stopper evoking the intricate entry gates to the hand-shaped knocker on the coffret that is a nod to its imposing front door.

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