Embarking on a culinary rebellion against the age-old prohibition of playing with food, Korean artist Min Kyung-jin, fondly known as sibatable, flips the script on mealtime norms, turning dishes into delightful canine creations. While childhood warnings echo in our minds, as adults, we set our own rules, and Kyung-jin is the ringleader of this whimsical food revolution. 🐾

Starting as a passionate foodie sharing healthy delights on Instagram, Kyung-jin took a hilarious detour in April 2022 when she shared images of a yeolmu kimchi soup, where noodles cunningly masqueraded as shaggy dogs. Admitting she had “crossed the line,” Kyung-jin’s Instagram feed quickly transformed into a playful gallery, showcasing a riot of adorable food sculptures—vibrant arrangements and character-driven culinary wonders.

Kyung-jin’s edible menagerie is a constantly evolving world of whimsy, with one clear favorite among the animal kingdom—dogs! From Shiba Inus to poodles, shepherds, terriers, and chihuahuas, her portfolio boasts a delightful array of meticulously sculpted canine companions. Crafted from rice, noodles, veggies, and more, these four-legged foodie friends bring a whole new meaning to the term “puppy eyes.” 🐶🍜

While some may frown upon the act of playing with food, Kyung-jin’s delightful disobedience has become a beacon of joy for a growing audience. Follow her Instagram feed for a regular dose of playful food art, and get ready to unleash your inner food artist with a spoon in one hand and creativity in the other! 🎨🥢

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