Embroidery landscape is quite popular these days. Many embroidery artists design beautiful landscapes on their hoop. However, artist Diti Baruah goes one stop further, she celebrates aerial views of North-East India.

Utilizing a variety of techniques in her work, she incorporates textural stitches (such as French knots), needle felting, and even painting with a brush to showcase large fields of color. All of the approaches harmoniously form bird’s-eye views of people in rowboats and forests dotted with fluffy clouds.

Much of Baruah’s imagery focuses on depicting the scenic beauty of the North-East India region that borders Myanmar, China, and Bangladesh. Baruah is continuously experimenting with her work, which is available for purchase on Etsy as originals. Sometimes, she also sell PDF version of her embroidery pattern. So if you can follow the instruction to create your own piece.

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