A self-proclaimed “beadist”, Jan Huling coats the surfaces of found objects with brightly colored seed beads. Miniature horse, giant praying mantis, and eager monkey, all these vivid and colorful animal sculptures presented below are part of latest works of Huling. To create these sculptures, Huling starts with a blank form in shape of these animals. Then glues small glass pieces in meandering lines, concentric circles, and other elaborately constructed motifs.

Inspired by a fascination with indigenous cultures, mythologies, and pop culture, Huling’s patterns echo tessellating African textiles, Southeast Asian Buddhist architectural ornamentation, and Mexican embroidery. Each embellishment is a study of color, texture, and form, with some patterns structuring facial features like the radiant eyes of the nine-foot mantis and others adding hypnotic ornaments like the intersecting patches that span the length of the tail in monkey.

Huling has various stunning beads creation while we only focus her animal creation in this article. Take a look at these amazing works and find more on her site or Instagram page.

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