This is not the first time we talk about embroidery. There are many impressive embroidery works on the site. However, this is the first time I saw this type of water-based embroideries. What is water-based embroidery? I am not sure is that a coined term. But in generally, Fiber artist Megan Zaniewski sends delicate air bubbles rippling through her embroideries that capture the momentum of ducks, turtles, and other wildlife as they dive into a pond or lake.

Through a combination of knots and straight stitches, Zaniewski deftly renders the animals as they burst through the surface. She also uses thread-painting techniques with staggered strands of cotton to depict layered feathers and fur.

As Zaniewski said “My exposure to hand embroidery began early. Thanks to my mom and grandmother, who were both skilled at needlework. A couple of years ago I rediscovered some embroidery supplies tucked away and decided to make a few small embroidered landscapes of places we had visited. It quickly became my preferred art form…I enjoy the challenge of creating animated and detailed animal portraits with just the simple tools of a needle and thread, bringing them to life stitch by stitch.”

Below are some of Zaniewski’s beautiful water-based embroideries. You can find more on her Instagram page. Hence, don’t hesitate to pay a visit.

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