There are so many cute desserts designs. But honestly, I think most of these pretty cookies are full of sugar and icing. No matter how cute these are, I personally don’t want to have one. While the animal baking by Japanese sweets artist mocha mocha (@mochamochamm) are quite different. They might look a bit plain compared with the rest colorful icing ones. But these two-three natural coloring cookies look way tasty to me, considering the in-take of sugar.

Mocha Mocha just released the hamster cookies. With a range of cute expressions and poses, this batch of hamster cookies makes you want to raise them as your own just as much as you want to eat them! According to mocha mocha, the base is made of plain cookie dough, and the darker parts of their backs are made of dough with a little black cocoa mixed in.

Besides the hamster cookies, Mocha Mocha also had dog, bear versions. There are even bread duck, bunny versions. Too bad these lovely things are only available in Japan. I really want to figure out how to make one myself.

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