Bashir Sultani is a multimedia artist living in Toronto, Canada, who create arts with pencil. Sounds pretty normal right? Nothing special about an artist who can create sketches and illustrations with a pencil. However, this Afghan Canadian artist has given a new twist to pencil art. No, not carving sculptures out of pencil, he just simply use the whole pencil as object in his art creation.

The Afghan-born artist stacks them on each other on a flat surface in order to get the image he wants. He doesn’t make any altercations or interventions to the pencils. But he does make advantage of easing tips as a way to help him “paint”. For example, he he uses the pencil erasers to form words like ‘FUTURE’ or makes various logos like google, apple and WB.

As a multimedia artist, Sultani has many other form of art creation besides arranging pencil. You can find more on his Instagram page.

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