Born in Estonia to a Siberian family and later educated in France, artist Anastasia Parmson has long considered this idea and what it means to feel at ease within a space. And for Parmson, she sees drawing as a form of home that she create for herself—a little space where she feel she truly belongs.

Now living and working in Sydney, Parmson continues to question what creates that sense of comfort and connection by envisioning living areas and bedrooms as a sort of blank canvas. She paints walls, furniture, and domestic objects like coffee mugs and potted monsteras in white and then draws details in black.

Moreover, she also hand drew custom vinyl flooring with wood grain, wall panels and even some soft furnishings like rugs, drapes and cushions. When asked the idea behind this two and three dimensions mixed home, Parmson explains:

What if home is not defined by an address, a space, or a geographical location? What if, instead, it is defined by the people in our lives? Maybe home is not a place, but a person. That feeling of being truly seen and understood by someone. That feeling of timelessness and ease when you reconnect with an old friend after many long years and realize that you can pick up the conversation as if no time has gone by at all. Maybe home is inter-personal connections and a sense of togetherness.

This is not the first execution of 3D room in 2D style. In our previous articles, we have featured two cafe in 2D style. If you like these 2D style home decoration, she will also host a studio sale of smaller pieces in the coming months, so keep an eye on her Instagram for updates.

Anastasia Parmson. Photo by Maja Baska

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