Unlike the super fancy smart bed we featured before, Boomerang bed isn’t that techy and smart. But it is simple, functional, and yet unlike any other furniture pieces you’ve seen around the block.

Designed by Teixeira Design Studio, the Boomerang Bed is an innovative creation. From a bedside table designed with a detachable laptop tray to a slim shelf that looks like an open book encouraging you to read, Teixeira transformed a simple bed into a little living area of its own with the help of an integrated table.

By simply shifting the table or changing its placement, the adjustable table can adopt various roles and perform multiple functions. If you position it at the edge of the table, it can function as a regular desk for you to place your laptop on and work from home! Or you can pull it closer to you, transform it into a bed tray, and have your breakfast on it every morning.

Do you want to have such bed in your room? I want one! However, this bed is still a concept right now. And Teixeira is looking for manufacturer. If you are interested and have the ability to turn it into a real bed, you can contact him.

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