Speech bubbles are graphic convention used most commonly in comics, cartoons or illustrations. They are used as a container to hold the words. However, in this playful series from TYH Tang Yau Hoong, the speech bubble itself has its own expression and characteristic.

According to Hoong:

Personally, I face creative blocks almost all the time and this little speech bubbles project is one of the things that I do to relax and recharge. To me, it is very important to do something different from my usual style and not think of how well it might be received by the audience. As an artist, it could be a hard decision to make as consistency plays a critical role in my career. Yet, taking a break from my usual style has never failed to surprise me and motivate me to keep moving forward.

Useless talk, gamer talk or storytelling, take a look at below illustrations and see can you figure out what these speech bubbles represent? And which one you like mostly? I think the “long story short” is very smart.

Horror Story
Long Story Short
Food Talk
Gamers Talk
Music Talk
Girls Talk
Useless Talk
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