When I first saw the picture below, I told myself, yeah, just another sets of floral cakes. Then I started to notice the pattern of needle and thread, I found a bit interesting, hmm… another series of crocheted sculpture but in cake shape. But after I rubbed my eyes and look again,woo… these are indeed cakes but decorated with needle and thread!

Made by the cake artist Leslie Vigil, these cakes definitely have a Mexican folk vibe to them. You can totally picture Frida Kahlo wearing a dress with similar embroidery patterns. I am not sure how long take Vigil to create those embroidery pattern but I can imagine that must be painful. Besides these embroidery inspired cakes, Vigil also has many pretty plant/flower shaped cakes and cupcakes post on her Instagram page. Visually these are quite impressive, however, personally I don’t want to give a try. Why, I just don’t like that much icing. What do you think?

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