Embark on an odyssey through the lens as we present the enchanting winners of the North American Nature Photography Association’s 2024 Showcase. Thirty spellbinding photographs, curated across six categories, transport you into the heart of nature’s grandeur. Marvel at the delicate Anna’s hummingbird, captured in its glory by Tim W. Oliver, and lose yourself in the ethereal Lavender Dreamscape by Chris Bartell. From the raw ‘Protection of the Herd’ by Kevin Dooley to Cheryl Meadow’s serene ‘Snowy Egret the Bayou,’ each image is a testament to the diverse beauty thriving in the wild. Join us in applauding these talented photographers who transform fleeting moments into eternal masterpieces.

Below are some of the winning photos from the contest that we love most. Browse through and don’t forget to check the whole list on the NANPA site.

Birds: Best In Category – Anna’s hummingbird by Tim W. Oliver
Birds: Judges’ Choice – I’iwi perching upside down by Owen Deutsch
Mammals: Best In Category – Protection of the Herd by Kevin Dooley
Mammals: First Runner-Up – Looking for the off Switch! by Jennifer Smith
Mammals: Judges’ Choice – A mule deer doe and her fawn are drinking at desert waterhole

at sunset by Bruce Taubert

Scapes: Best In Category – Lavender Dreamscape by Chris Bartell
Scapes: First Runner-Up – A flock of Sandhill by Carl Johnson
Scapes: Judges’ Choice – Columbia River Gorge, Oregon by Margaret Larkin8
Macro, Micro, & All Other Wildlife: Best In Category – Ecuador by Thomas Myers
Macro, Micro, & All Other Wildlife: Judges’ Choice – Within a few feet of the trail by

Kathy Raffel

Top 100: Cameron Azad
Top 100: Snowy Egret the Bayou by Cheryl Meadow
Top 100: Alaska Brown Bear With Feeding Cubs by John Ehrenfeld
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