If you are a photographer, you would know that choosing the right location and subject is just as important as your photography skills while capturing a great shot. Even if you don’t have the latest camera and other equipment on hand, a good location and backdrop can compensate for whatever you might lack in another capacity.

That is why choosing the right location will be crucial in creating spectacular and breathtaking photos. But what kind of locations are the perfect ones? There are many photo shoot websites with interesting ideas that you could visit for inspiration, but first check out these ideas below:

Abandoned Places And Ruins

If you are thinking of doing a photoshoot that embodies a special ambience, abandoned places and urban ruins might be just what you are looking for. Deserted houses and buildings, abandoned factories and hospitals can be ideal for such a scenario.

Places like these possess a unique quality that makes them perfect for atmospheric and mysterious photos. Their desolate vibe and charm can provide an excellent background for a portrait.

Industrial Parks

If you are looking for a place that has lots of personality along with objects of different shapes and textures to create a variety of backgrounds, you can find it all in industrial parks. They exude a vibrant aura of innovation with all the machinery and equipment they contain.

With so many captivating details, these parks bring a different perspective of life that goes beyond the night lights and entertainment of the main city center.

Historical Locations

There’s a reason why these locations are postcard-worthy. They provide a nostalgic connection to the distant past. Any observer would feel a sense of wonder while looking at these places immortalized in photographs.

Be warned, though, that they are likely to be crowded with tourists, which can make your photoshoot a real challenge and a bit of a nightmare as well. So, it’s essential to plan and make sure that you go in prepared.


Who says tall buildings and structures are bland and boring? On the contrary, they can provide you with some breathtaking shots, whether you choose to use them as a standalone or a background.

They evoke a modern vibe that can be perfect for a youthful and vibrant theme. So if you live in a progressive city, you never really have to go far to take excellent photos.

Nature And Greenhouses

These are a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love nature and greenhouses with their abundant floras and faunas?

Since they have always been the default choice for anyone who wants to take appealing photos, you might think that they’ve lost their charm already. But in reality, you will find that people never get tired of the beauty of natural scenery.

Considerations In Choosing The Perfect Photoshoot Locations

When picking out the dream location for your photoshoot, it may seem more straightforward than it actually is. However, you need to consider several factors as the beauty of the place is not everything. Even a not-so-nice looking place can be perfect if it has the right elements.

1. Distractions Are A No-No

Unless you or the client intend to take photos in a crowded place, there’s no reason to put yourself in a difficult situation. Congested locations are the worst place to take photos because your focus gets compromised, what with all the waiting to find a clear spot before shooting.

Your subject will also have trouble relaxing and might not feel at ease posing with loads of people standing around and watching them.

2. Great Lighting

A great location means nothing if it has no natural light, and some of the best photographers even refuse to take photos without it. Contrary to the common misconception that lighting only refers to whether photos are bright or dark, it also sets the mood, defines the tone and even the atmosphere of the finished product.

Unlike in a studio where you can manipulate the lighting using readily available equipment, outdoor lighting is natural and not something that you can control. So keep room for a bit of experimentation to allow yourself to decide how to capture the perfect shot.

3. Pick A Relevant Place

You have to remember that your location has to be relevant to the subject for which you are shooting. Since every individual and theme is unique, careful consideration must be given to picking a suitable location.

You can either plan the theme of the photo shoot beforehand and start looking for a location to match it, or the other way around. However, it is just not possible to blend a subject and a location that are not in harmony with each other, no matter how skilled a photographer is.

4. Have A Backup Plan

You have the perfect subject and have chosen an ideal location to match. It may look like everything is set until the weather gets in the way. This shows you the importance of having a Plan B.

Choose a location for a backup plan if the original one is ruined by, say, rain or snow. Make sure that you can still do the shoot in spite of minor inconveniences, like not having a readily-available shelter where you can keep your equipment safe from the elements.

Who knows, you might even get a nice tip from your client for saving the day – more about tipping photographers in this link.

Parting Words

A good location will always be an important part of photography as it is crucial for creating attractive pictures. Serious thought and effort should be put into finding a location that is a good fit for the chosen theme. Factors such as appropriate lighting and having a back-up plan while shooting outdoors should be on the radar of every photographer.

Although the subject of a photograph is also important, quite often it is the location that makes the photo. With so many options for interesting locations to choose from, all you need to realize your vision is proper planning and a good strategy.

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