While I’m not the type to splurge $25 on a beer insulator, it seems to be a trend in the market. The company behind the Pahka Parka Insulator offers a range of clothing for your cans or bottles. Yes, you read that right. These cans have more winter jacket styles than what’s in my wearable collection.

Beyond its fashion appeal, let’s delve into its specifications:

Fits 12 oz and 16 oz skinny cans, as well as most other spiked hard seltzers, sparkling water, and carbonated energy drinks.
Two layers of thermal insulation ensure your last sip is as cold as the first.
A rubberized base improves stability, and a premium liner provides a durable feel.

If you are sold on these features and enjoy dressing up your beverages in cute outfits, check the links for a variety of Parka styles. And for those who want to add more glamour to their drinks, there’s an entire store for it.

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