Seattle-based artist Rudy Willingham has an ongoing series in which he cuts out parts of portrait photos or cartoon characters then take photos when hold them against the carefully chosen backgrounds.

Sun, trees, flowers, ocean, building and even flag can be used as background to fill the cutout of his paper work. With his creativity, Rudy is able to see the world from a new angle and bring us some very unique artwork. When asked what brought him the inspiration of doing that, Rudy said:

“You know when you were a kid and you’d look at the clouds and say ‘that kind of looks like a dinosaur’? I’m doing the same thing with my art. I’ll look at a light in our building and say, that kind of looks like an alien head. Then I’ll put a paper cutout underneath the light and turn it into a martian. I think it’s that childlike imagination that people connect with. I’ve always loved street art that plays with its surroundings.”

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