Like any other household unit, a water heater is not deprived of malfunctions. Sometimes it works smoothly, while some days electronic ignition won’t light at all. Finding a contractor may solve this problem for you in a few minutes, however, your side should also be equipped with the necessary arsenal of knowledge whenever such issues happen. Check how to relight your unit using a lighter or finding a contractor and find out how to spot dangerous gas leakage, and consequently hazard.

How to Relight With No Ignition Button Safely?

If your unit does not properly work or produces only lukewarm water, the possible problem is a distended pilot light. The majority of newly introduced units have an ignition switch that facilitates the reparation works, while older units may require you to do it all manually. Check the step-by-step guide on how to turn on the water heater or directly proceed with finding a contractor that may save you time. First off, understand the following requirement –

  • Check what is the type of your hot water heater if you do not know it yet. Look for the sticker and button attached outside the unit. If there is an igniter button, you have an automatic unit. If there is no button, you have a manual unit that should be relighted with a lighter. Note, once finding a contractor, you will be immediately explained about the type you have, and how to make it work again.

For your brief acknowledgment, – If your unit is of an automatic type, the process will start by switching off the gas. You change the On indicator to Off and leave it for a while to ensure there is no gas. After 5-10 minutes, you switch the dial to a position called “ LOW” and switch the ON/OFF dial directly to Pilot. Afterward, you should turn the ON/OFF dial down and press the igniter. Finally, you should stop pressing the igniter but continue with the Pilot dial for 30-40 seconds until you hear a signal that the gas is on.

Lighting with No Igniter

In the case of no igniter, it is worth finding a contractor, however, the process looks as follows:

  • Take a long lighter to reach the pilot. There are many suggestions on preferable lighters but if you have a BBQ one, it will easily reach the burner pipes for lighting a hot water heater.
  • Remove the plate attached below the dial box. If there are more inner plates, move them as well until you see the actual pipes.
  • Switch Pilot to OFF.
  • Wait for a while, – 5-10 minutes until there won’t be any gas.
  • Change the temperature to LOW, and switch to Pilot.
  • Push ON/OFF dial down, and simultaneously use the lighter.
  • Direct the lighter to the end of the pipe and turn it on. There should be an immediate flame.
  • Press the Pilot for another 20-40 seconds, and switch it to ON position.
  • Put all the plates back as they were originally placed.
  • Set up your preferred temperature, however, do not make it boiling, as you may harm your body while showering or bathing.

Note, if you could not light the pipe from the first try, you should start from scratch again. If you continue, there might be an explosion. That’s why it is better to start with finding a contractor, a company which will deprive you of any hazards.

Tips on How to Light on Water Heater Safely

When you need to turn on a water heater pilot light, there are no such things as attempts, as it may be dangerous due to the presence of gas, especially if you do not have proper knowledge of the procedures. Finding a contractor helps to understand whether your household has leaking gas and whether there is a potential hazard further on. Before starting the hot water heater, ensure there is no leakage. How to do it?

  1. Approach the unit, and try to detect any smells signaling you about the gas leakage. You should smell the whole unit, the actual tank, and nearby parts. Commonly, the gas is a substance that is hard to detect, as it is odorless but the manufacturers add mercaptan, so that a human may detect it fast. If you wonder how it should smell, it is like sulfur, or it may also remind you of a rotten egg.
  2. If you detected any suspicious smell of gas, you MUST NOT try to relight the pilot.
  3. Immediately leave the room, and call the gas company, or else proceed with finding a contractor who may help you solve the issue.

After finding a contractor, and arranging a meeting with a technician, ensure to tell whether you could smell any gas before it is gone, and explain when the water heater pilot light stopped working.

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