Creative Hair Related Poster Design

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6 Responses

  1. cat says:

    nice ads, but….
    I hope you all remember that Pantene are still using vivisection for their products.
    And, I wonder how they got all this hair….
    Sorry for ruin the party…

  2. These are definitely innovative, and at the same time kind of gross (at least the bug ones)! The hair gel ones with the hair hats make more sense to me than the Pantene ones – I wonder what Pantene is trying to get across? That their products make hair strong enough to wear? I don’t really want to wear hair, but the images are eye-catching and different, nonetheless. And, it got us talking about them!

  3. K says:

    To cat: i don’t know about vivisection, but i can tell you how they got the hair: they photographed somebody’s hair and placed it in the shape of a dress in an image editing program like photoshop.

  4. These commercials are an example of creative mind .
    In this competitive world the companies are exploring more about how to entertain the customer :D
    Like vodafone’s new commercials during IPL session :D

  5. keshavkartik says:

    Very nice

  6. niranjan gitay says:

    Nice Work…..

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