A nice set of Window Icons

Here is a nice set of window icons from apathae on deviantart. Some of them are pretty nice, such as the network, disc, movies and Dashboard icons.

Here is the screenshot for part of icons in that set.

Window Icons

Window Icon

Click here to download the icon if you are interested it

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1 Response

  1. vojta says:

    Hi, I like your www, especially your Icons, but I don´t know, how to use them. If i download them, so, there is only 1 file, with all of those icons (it is 1 picture), inside. How to separate one icon from that file?

    As you see, I´m quite beginner, with PCs, so, if there is any advice, how to do it, please, let me know it, and, if possible, step by step, as for beginner.

    Thank´s in advance,