5. Solar Charger
Not only a efficient solar charger, it is also designed as a tree, expressing the theme of “green and environment-friendly”; the other feature of this product is you can assemble the tree to whatever shape you like, all the branch, trunk are modulated.

 Solar Charger

 Solar Charger

6. Solar Charger
First time you found this ball in the bathroom, you might thought it was a tissue hanger, or soap box. However, it is a hanging washing machine. It is not only spacing-saving, but easy to use. When you finish your laundry, you just need to rotate it to get your cleaned stuff out.

 Washing Machine

7. Egg Separator
What is this?
Cup? Mug? Decorator? It is an egg yolk and white separator. It is easy to use, however, the only thing bothers me is when the egg white come out through nose…it looks like snivelling.

 Egg Separator

8. Earphone
Besides listening to music, what earphone can do? It can be a necklace… The hanger-shape design enable you to connect each other and hanging the MP3 player on neck.


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