Continue our last topic of those creative design to brighten our life. I will represent some smart designs of floating objects and interesting appliances.

1. Floating Lamp
This super lamp cool is called ”FlapFlap”. It is a limited version designed by German designer. Know how it is floating? The secret is the wire is more stronger than you thought.

Floating Lamp

2. Floating Table
Same theory like the floating lamp, the table cloth is not actual cloth; it is a kind of 3mm thick plastic. It is totally hand-made from Denmark.

Floating Table

3. Floating Wine Rack

Floating Wine Rack

4. F1 Racing Car
What 956,000 match can do? It can be used to make a full-size F1 racing car!!!
6 years and 6000 euro is cost to make this stunning baby.

 F1 Racing Car

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