Tomoko Shibata, a renowned food artist from Japan, has truly mastered the art of lunchbox design. From recreating famous cartoon characters to crafting festive themes for Christmas and Halloween, her creations are almost too cute to eat.

On Instagram, Tomoko, known as Tomato, has amassed over 143K followers who are constantly amazed by her delightful designs. Her inspiration often strikes during grocery shopping, but she sometimes begins with a specific motif and then selects the ingredients. Many of her ideas come spontaneously, and she also draws inspiration from her two sons.

Although Tomato has many amazing creations, today, we will focus on her series inspired by “My Neighbor Totoro.” Characters like Catbus, Totoro, dust bunnies, and the white Totoro are recreated with various ingredients, turning simple meals into works of art. Each character is intricately crafted, making lunch, dessert, snacks, and sandwiches an absolute visual delight.

Tomato’s Totoro-themed lunchboxes feature a blend of rice, vegetables, and proteins, all meticulously arranged to resemble beloved characters. For instance, Totoro might be shaped from rice and adorned with nori for details, while vegetables and other ingredients complete the scene. Her desserts often include sweet treats shaped like dust bunnies or the white Totoro, adding a touch of whimsy to the end of a meal.

Whether you prefer lunch, dessert, snacks, or sandwiches, Tomato’s Totoro creations are sure to impress. Each piece not only showcases her incredible skill but also brings a bit of magic and joy to everyday meals. Through her art, Tomato reminds us that food can be both nourishing and visually enchanting, making every bite a memorable experience.

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