In today’s post, we have 10 Product / Concept Designs, you might find they are creative and useful; or crazy and unacceptable. They might not be really new designs, but for me, it is first time to see them and find they are kindly of interesting. Now, let’s check the post and let us know your thoughts, which one you think are the coolest?

Circular Walking Bookshelf [link]

This Circular Walking Bookshelf (Archive II) is part of a series called the Archive series, by architect David Garcia .The Archive Series are investigations on space and books.

How can an individual travel with it’s own library, given that books are so heavy? Archive II is a nomadic library, a transport system and an intimate space. Inspired by ancient traveling libraries from the Far East, which visited courts and cities, Archive II transforms this into a personal space, where walking and reading coexist as refuge and transport.

Circular Walking Bookshelf

Petit Beurre Coussin [link]

A really nice and yummy design from Maxi Glob. I want it on my couch…

Petit Beurre Coussin
Hypnose Sofa Illusory Furniture [link]

Rafael Simões Miranda does what he calls “Italian design through Brazilian eyes“. Chances are slim that the optical illusion pattern he used to create this interesting piece of furniture simply appeared in his dreams. This isn’t the kind of design one just conjures up.

Honestly, this sofa makes me really dazzled, especially with the wallpaper…. I guess, the most appropriate place for this furniture is “optometrist’s waiting room” lol….

Hypnose Sofa Illusory Furniture
iPhone App Chocolates

This one is definitely made for iphone lover, who is just satisfied to hold it, also want to have a bit on it…

iChocolates are a 20-piece gourmet chocolates assortment resembling iPhone and iPad app icons, boxed in a luxury iPhone-like package.

iPhone App Chocolates
CINDERELLA table accessory [link]

Cinderella is the attachable decoration for the ordinary furniture. Cinderella, the art object, will renovate the ordinary products to extraordinary ones. Harc Lee try to combine the value, which comes from craftsmanship (CINDERELLA table accessory), to the mass products (table).

CINDERELLA table accessory
Kaoiro Stamp [link]

“Kaoiro” (which means “facial expression” in Japanese) is Japanese emoticon stamp pretending to be the date stamp. This stamp that mixing digital culture with a old style stationary has 7 belts and around 20 symbols.

You can create real kaomoji (Japanese emoticon) of 2000 or more by combining them. If you always have it ready on your desk at school or office, you can share your emotion to your lover in real world with a secret . \ (^ о ^) /

Kaoiro Stamp
Twitter Clock [link]

The Twitwee Clock is a modified Cuckoo Clock that wirelessly connects to the internet and constantly checks for new status updates or search results received from the Twitter API. New Tweets are displayed on the built in display in near-realtime accompanied by the charming yet obtrusive call of a mechanical cuckoo poping out of the clock.

Twitter Clock
Bubbling bear cap [link]

Love this beer packaging from Russian designer Pavel Gubin.

The concept is for Belgian dark ale. A classic-style label is performed by silk-screen. The glass bottle form and size remind a big beer mug. A decorative cover looks like froth. Come out appearance speaks: “The beer’s been just poured – the mug is full!” There remains only one thing… to take a gulp of the drink.

Bubbling bear cap
The greatest mic stand ever made [link]

Wow. Wow! How awesome is this mic stand? Custom built by artist Chris Conte for Adam Gontier, lead singer of Three Days Grace. It looks like a Terminator arm holding a mic. The entire thing can be broken down easily for transport while touring, which is important. Did I mention that it’s the most badass thing ever? Because it is.

The greatest mic stand ever made
The Astonishing Jack – A Chair can come alive [link]

The Astonishing Jack is an amazing chair that challenges the side static and inert objects. While the report subject to the submission that is Male, imagine that the objects awaken, come alive and take shape to speak. With this in mind, Jack is the first line of foundation of a world in which objects appear when used. The stool seems dead when alone. Sit on it, it takes its full meaning to become a comfortable chair … All the details in images and video after!

The Astonishing Jack - A Chair can come alive
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