Has your bedroom been leaving you feeling less than inspired lately? Does the design feel lacking and far from stylish? Maybe there is a real disconnect between the rest of the home design and your bedroom and you’ve decided it’s time to do something about it. If you’re looking to give your bedroom a whole new look and you’ve decided that a minimalist bedroom is what appeals to you most, then there are some tips and tricks you’ll want to be aware of. These will help ensure that the look comes together and you’re truly able to achieve the minimalist aesthetic.

Start with a Massive Declutter

Before you can even start thinking about the design, buying new furniture and décor, and changing the layout of your bedroom it’s important to tackle a massive declutter. Any bit of clutter will look completely out of place in a minimalist design and take away from the overall feel.

Besides decluttering, it may also be necessary to address a lack of storage. This is often the reason clutter accumulates. Depending on the size and shape of the bedroom, it may be necessary to get creative with your storage options.

The goal is to get your bedroom to the point where it looks and feels like a blank slate.

Choose a Colour Palette

Now it’s time to choose your colour palette, which will act as an anchor to bring everything together. While there are no specific rules on a colour palette for minimalist spaces, in general, it’s usually best to stick to neutral soft colours. That doesn’t mean you have to paint all the walls white, which can feel cold and bare, instead, it’s about picking softer tones that help to create a bright, fresh, clean vibe in the space.

Some great colour options include pale and soft shades of grey, soft beige, khaki green, light brown or taupe, a pale light blue, or a creamy warm white – not stark white.

Look for Quality Furniture with Clean Simple Lines

When it comes to the bed, dresser, wardrobe, and bedside tables you want to be on the lookout for quality bedroom furniture that uses clean simple lines. It should also be streamlined in terms of size. Anything that is too ornate, intricate, and over-sized won’t fit in with the overall design concept.

You can even pick a colour that works with your minimalist design. Often, light natural-looking wood finishes are perfect for a minimalist bedroom, or even a crisp fresh white. It’s all about simple understated elegance and style.

Natural Greenery is a Great Addition to the Space

As you work to find decor pieces that work in the space, you may want to start thinking of plants and natural greenery as decor. These are staples in the minimalist movement and help create that natural organic feel. You can even replant items into decorative pots that work with the rest of the décor.

If you’re struggling to figure out what plants to purchase, you want to be sure that first they are meant for indoors. Next, you’ll want to pick something that is low-maintenance and works with whatever light conditions the room offers. If you’re going to get a few plants, be sure to pick different varieties so it adds interest to the room.

Allow for Plenty of Natural Light

Another big feature to include in the design is natural light. Natural light plays a huge part in the minimalist design concept, so now is the time to take down those heavy window coverings. Instead, you want to hang sheers or light organic materials that still allow the sun to filter through.

Maximising the natural light may also require you to move furniture if any pieces had been blocking a window.

Go Easy on the Wall Art

While it may be your natural impulse to hang a variety of art pieces on the walls, this really doesn’t work with the minimalist approach. Experts recommend that you pick just one piece of artwork, and let that be the focal point. Be sure to pick something that works with your colour palette, your design concept, and of course the space available on the wall. Going too big or too small means you won’t achieve the desired look.

The Perfect Minimalist Bedroom

By using each of these tips and taking the time to plan out your design, you’ll be able to create the perfect minimalist bedroom that actually exceeds what you had in mind. There’s no reason that minimalist has to mean dull, boring, or cold; it’s all about making the right design choices.

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