Underwater photography instructor Marjan Radovic had a creative idea to develop a series of photorealistic artificial intelligence portraits of dogs with a 19th-century Hero look. The project, entitled “Dog Heroes,” portrays our furry friends wearing uniforms, emphasizing their loyalty, intelligence, and strength as symbols.

Using Midjourney and Photoshop for post-production, Radovic completed the whole project within a week with 43 dog heroes portraits.

“I am a big fan of dogs. I have a small schnauzer. I started studying artificial intelligence a few months ago. I wanted to show dogs as heroes. That was the original idea. Dogs are heroes. These loyal companions have been by our sides for thousands of years, serving us in countless ways. They are protectors, guides, and friends, always willing to lend a helping paw when we need it most. Their bravery and devotion know no bounds, making them true heroes in every sense of the word,” he shares.

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