Visualizer: Alena Novoseltseva

This guest house, nestled in the embrace of towering trees and gentle wildlife, offers a retreat that balances rustic authenticity with contemporary elegance. It allows you step into a realm where sophisticated design meats the raw beauty of nature.

The rich warmth of wooden walls and ceilings is artfully contrasted by a modern cylindrical fireplace, creating a dance of eras. The open shelving, adorned with white ceramics, complements the sleek, contemporary furnishings, offering a visual feast that’s both rustic and refined. A statement chandelier, mimicking a branch with glass leaves, cascades light across the living room, while the pops of green in the furniture breathe life into the serene palette.

In the dining area, the rich, wooden textures set a warm backdrop, while the deep green hues of the chairs add a lush, vibrant touch. Overhead the dining table, a similar style chandelier brings a sprinkle of golden enchantment.

Smae style chandelier can also be found in bedroom. but in the shape of flower pedal this time. Bird shape wall sconces, field background wallpaper and the rustic wooden nightstand create an atmosphere that’s as tranquil as it is tasteful.

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