Today, I stumbled upon some incredibly captivating reading nooks that I couldn’t resist sharing with you. Unfortunately, the site that featured these gems provided no information about their creators or how to get our hands on them. Their flawless design left me questioning whether they were tangible or the result of some sophisticated AI rendering.

Regardless, if these oversized wooden reading nooks do exist, each one is a work of art. Imagine having a piece of Narnia, Wonderland, or Middle Earth right in your living room – an inviting escape into a world of literary wonder.

Crafted with the rustic charm of live edge wood, these nooks transport you to an era where every wood chip and carve tells a story. Some of these enchanting creations even boast built-in windows, allowing you to lose yourself in your favorite book while stealing glances at the world outside.

I am really interested to know are these reading nooks real. If so, where I can

h/t: inspiringdesigns

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