Embark on a whimsical journey into the world of cloud illustrations with Mexican artist Monse Ascencio‘s captivating “Rayando nubes” series. Ascencio possesses a unique vision that transforms the familiar puffy clouds into a myriad of imaginative shapes and creatures. In each artwork, she skillfully captures the essence of these fleeting forms, turning basic cloud shapes into visually striking and creatively charged compositions.

Curious about her inspiration, we delved into Ascencio’s artistic process. She reflects, “Using clouds to imagine animals or things is something I’ve done my whole life!” Childhood memories of gazing up at the sky and conjuring a parade of animals and whimsical figures fueled her artistic exploration. Ascencio believes in letting imagination run wild, offering a nostalgic taste of carefree days.

For those intrigued by this creative endeavor, Ascencio generously shares her artistic process. “First, you need to find a perfect cloud,” she advises, emphasizing the importance of a cloud with a distinctive shape. After capturing the cloud’s essence through a photograph, Ascencio utilizes a drawing app on her cellphone to bring her visions to life. The modern tools at her disposal make the process instantaneous and genuine, echoing the joy of carefree childhood creativity. Ascencio’s work beckons you to rediscover the magic in the ordinary, turning ordinary clouds into extraordinary flights of imaginative illustrations.

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