No matter what mood you are in, reading a lighthearted, charming comics can always bring you some warmth and humor. That is the reason whenever I came across these types of things, I want to share with you guys.

Illustrator Andrés J. Colmenares (previous) is one of my favorite artists who has a gentle sense of humor that will make you smile. He shares his warmth through his wildly popular comics called Wawawiwa, which he describes as a “visual hug.”

Animal, food, and all kinds of everyday objects can be Colmenares’s characters in his comics. Regardless of their form, they take on human traits and emotions while still maintaining what’s special about them. Cute and inquisitive appearance, paring with puns and encouraging words, Wawawiwa is a welcome addition to anyone’s Instagram timeline.

Today, we will focus Colmenares’s witty twist on food, especially the pasta collection. I can’t help laughing when I read them. Scroll down to see them, and then be sure to follow the account on Instagram for more daily doses of warmth and humor.

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