While we think about culture, we think about things that represent a group and their way of living. The United Kingdom has one of the largest populations all over the world, we can find a lot of people coming from different places.

The United Kingdom is made up of four different countries and this can be an evident factor to qualify the UK as culturally diverse. Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, which form the United Kingdom, are very different from each other.

All the four countries forming the United Kingdom have many similarities but a lot of differences. The differences in language, accent, way of living, and dress-up alone cannot expose the cultural diversity of the UK. The difference in beliefs and yet staying as a strong compact group makes the UK most culturally diverse.

The history of the United Kingdom is very old. Since the start of the colonization, the United Kingdom ruled over a lot of countries around the world and still has certain powers over some of them. The history itself is enough to qualify the UK as culturally diverse.

There are minorities and they are in a large number. Since England is a hub for industries and business, a lot of foreign employees come to England every year and most of them have their own. The difference in the culture of the immigrants has never been a question for the United Kingdom.

Even between the minorities, there are cultural differences but the people live in harmony and are true British citizens. The former colonies made by the UK play a major part in the fostering of multiculturalism. There are people from India, Pakistan, and other places where the British ruled.

The people from those colonies have spread many things around the UK and made it a place safe for humans with faith and belief to live in. People celebrate festivals of all communities irrespective of the cast and the culture they follow. Every religion, caste, and culture is respected in the United Kingdom.

All the big places like London, Manchester and so on are more culturally diverse compared to the towns on the outskirts. There is a long history of people immigrating to the United Kingdom and settling in big cities. The big cities reflect the cultural diversity of the United kingdom clearly and it is reflected all over the world.

Many people appearing for life in the UK test exam will know about the cultural diversity of the UK. The royal family is a big multi-cultural family. The prince and princess have married and have been married to people from different parts of the world and this symbolizes the respect of the royal family for all cultures. The royal family welcomes people from everywhere as long as they are ready to serve the queen.

London alone is home to more than eight million people who speak about 300 languages. The multicultural aspect of the UK is something the world should be proud of.

People from all over the globe love their life in the UK and are living a quality life by respecting other cultures and being treated as a human. The respectful people of the UK always foster people from all communities. There is a special culture in many big cities like Liverpool, Manchester, and many others.

Being one of the most powerful and developed countries in the world; England spreads the good knowledge of peace and gives people from all over the world to come and live in the UK. As all people in the UK live together fostering each other, there is less cultural violence and multicultural love as peace spreads all over the place.

England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland make a solid place for people to live in harmony and in cultural peace. The United Kingdom which is home to millions respects each and every culture and fosters and cares for them.

You all should know that the national dish of the UK is butter chicken and it was voted on by the people of England. This alone proves that the United Kingdom is a culturally diverse place for all people, cast and religion with whatever beliefs they have.

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