Becoming a content creator is now easier than it has ever been before. Because of this, however, creating content that stands out from the crowd and looks professional is more important than ever. Here are a few essential pieces of equipment you need to do that.


Whether it is your smartphone, a DLSR, a drone, or a GoPro, you need a high-quality camera to capture your content. Nowadays, many of these cameras, from the mid to higher-end, will be able to do the job effectively.

The decision of which camera to choose will come down to the type of content you create; a smartphone is perfect for TikToks, while a GoPro is the best choice for those creating content on the move or who do extreme sports.

Memory Cards/Portable Memory

Memory cards and an external hard drive are going to become lifelines when creating content. For example, a simple YouTube video that lasts 10 minutes can easily require an hour or two of footage, retakes, etc.; you need that extra memory to store it all.

If you are on the go and you don’t have easy or quick access to your laptop, multiple large memory cards are needed to store all your footage; someone who is vlogging a one-night camping trip will need multiple memory cards to capture all their footage and B-roll.


No matter what type of camera or smartphone you have, the built-in microphone won’t be nearly as good as a standalone one. Capturing high-quality audio is a must for certain types of content creation, such as ASMR.


A laptop is necessary for multiple reasons. Not only is it going to be the place where you most likely upload your content and manage your accounts, but more importantly, it is where you are going to edit your content.

While there are fairly decent apps and methods for editing your content on your phone, it has limitations. A laptop gives you access to everything you need, from editing to sound clips, all while being a form factor you can take wherever you go.

Ring Light

A ring light has become extremely popular in the content creation space due to its ease of use, effectiveness, and how easy it is to transport. In simple terms, a ring light provides an even light onto a subject while reducing shadows and blemishes on the face; they are incredibly common amongst creators who do make-up or hair tutorials.

The compact nature of a ring light means it is perfect for those who want to create content on the go, too, as it ensures you always have access to great, and at the very least good, light.


No matter what type of content you are producing, you can’t spend the entire time holding your camera in one hand. Not only does it limit what you can do, but it also leads to shaky and often blurred footage.

A tripod allows you to have a static stand for your camera or smartphone and allows you to move in the space while staying in the frame. It can also be adjusted to prevent blurring and allows you to do almost anything you want while being recorded.


Once again, for the content creators on the move, a key piece of kit is a gimbal. This very smart stabilizer works by counteracting movement; it keeps the camera steady even if you are walking, driving, or something similar.

While gimbals can sometimes be more expensive compared to a tripod, they are extremely effective when it comes to capturing super-steady and unblurred footage.


If you are creating content in your bedroom, house, or office space, there will come a time when you will want to make the backdrop a bit more exciting and lively. While you can buy specific backdrops and set them up as you need them, the best choice would be a green screen.

A green screen allows you to create dynamic backdrops that can changed with a push of a button. Not only that, but you are able to play videos and create photo slideshows on them, too.

Softbox Lighting Kit

A softbox lighting kit allows you to have almost the same level of light you would get from a studio at a fraction of the cost. These kits typically contain two softbox lights that, when placed on either side of you, create light that is as close to natural as possible.

This type of lighting is also perfect for creating that natural look you want on gloomy or stormy days, and they can also be very affordable.

Portable Charger/Battery

Finally, your devices are going to need to be charged at some point, and doing this while on the go can be tough at times. Portable battery and charging packs make it exceptionally easy to keep your devices charged when you don’t have access to a plug.

Nowadays, you can easily find charging packs that can recharge your phone or camera multiple times, as well as your laptop. Some also have ports that allow you to charge rechargeable batteries.

While this equipment isn’t going to turn you into a content creation star overnight, they will help you to create the best content you can and have it looking like you used multiple pros to do it.

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