Unlock the language of everlasting love with the dandelion, a symbol of unwavering affection that endures through all seasons. The Crystal Ball Dandelion Specimens capture the lifelike essence of this enduring love, offering an enchanting addition to your space.

Perfect for any setting – whether it’s your living room, bedroom, bar, shop, cafe, office, or restaurant – the Forever Flowers in Crystal Ball with LED Lights bring a touch of romance to every corner. A versatile and heartfelt gift, they are ideal for celebrating various occasions: Valentine’s Day, birthdays, parties, weddings, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, graduations, Teachers Day, anniversaries, retirements, and even funerals.

Each flower encapsulated in the crystal ball is carefully chosen, ensuring its unique shape is perfectly preserved. This exquisite piece becomes a timeless souvenir, embodying the essence of family, friendship, and love.

The product includes a USB power adaptor cable, making it convenient for any space. As the crystal ball lights up slightly during charging, it adds a warm white glow (3000K) to your surroundings. The compact size, with a crystal ball diameter of 2.4″ and a wooden base measuring 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 0.7″, allows for easy portability, making every room more interesting.

Illuminate your life and spaces with the Flower Crystal Ball Night Light – a unique fusion of nature’s beauty and enduring love. [get from amazon]

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