Designer Zoe Feast brings her whimsical illustrations to life through enchanting three-dimensional carvings on slabs of wood. Inspired by motifs of flora, fauna, and organic forms, Feast’s practice exudes a love for patterns evident in her personal projects and commissions. After discovering a laser engraver at her local library, she seized the opportunity to translate her intricate designs into tactile, visual delights.

Sourcing slabs of wood from a nearby habitat restoration project, Feast meticulously carves playful scenes of seals navigating whispy waves, hedgehogs lounging amidst flowers and foliage, and a family of wide-eyed owls perched on branches. The woodland creatures, nestled within the gnarled, bark-laden edges, add a charming and whimsical texture to the raw material.

Every piece crafted by Feast is handmade and entirely unique, celebrating the natural imperfections of the wood. The wood splits are embraced, and each slice retains raw edges with bark, enhancing the authenticity of the artwork. Feast’s carvings not only showcase her artistic talent but also offer a delightful journey into a world where imagination meets the organic beauty of wood, creating a harmonious blend of nature and artistry. Explore this captivating realm through Feast’s lens, where each creation tells a story of whimsy and wonder.

h/t: thisiscolossal

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