Personally, I am not a big fan of tattoo since I am a person with zero tolerance to pain. But I can see why people choose to have one. Because a well done tattoo can really make them stand out in a crowd. And someone also thinks that is a great way to express something about themselves. Although I’ve seen many sloppy tattoos, there are quite a lot impressive ones as well, just like the Polish tattoo artist Joanna Świrska featured in this article.

Working as Dzo Lama, Świrska is known for her delicate illustrations that mix playful elements with the style of vintage botanical renderings. Black fern, backpack-wearing kangaroos, cycling cats, drinking racoon, and whimsical masses of tangled flora and fauna, you can find all these fairytale style elements in her tattoo works.

As Świrska described, “A tattoo is an extension of our personality, and we, as humans, are multi-dimensional”. Świrska currently runs a Tattoo Shop in Wrocław. If you like her work but won’t be able to get tattoo from her in person, you can pay a visit her Etsy shop. You can find many cute stuff like prints, mugs, and stickers of her illustrations there. Also, don’t forget her Instagram page.

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