You might hear many times of sentence that start with “Yes, but…”. It is regarded as a positive way to respond. However, the “yes, but” series by Moscow-based illustrator Gudim Anton is a bit different. It includes just two-panel comics telling ironic short stories based on our current society and its values.

Gudim’s “yes, but” collection focus on showing two different sides of the same story. Even though they are shorter, these comics are no less influential. The illustrations touch on topics such as consumerism, people’s behavior, ecology and many more.

When asked about the idea behind this collection, Gudim replied “As soon as I started the ‘YES, BUT’ project, I began to notice examples of this format literally everywhere. So I just live and take notes.”

Scroll down to see some of our favorite work from Gudim. And you can head over to his Instagram page to find out more.

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