Ant, as a kind of humble insect, won’t get many attention from most of us. They are so tiny and harmless. But in photographer Josh Coogler‘s macro photography, ant sighting might keep you up at night with their fearsome looking. Yes, I am serious. Coogler’s incredible macro portraits of ants are fascinating—and terrifying—at the same time.

Each ant portrait has the spectacular detail that only macro photography can provide. Coogler captures every nook and cranny of these ants, whose faces almost look like masks from a horror movie.

And if you think ant look similar, you will find yourself are wrong after looking at Coogler’s photography. carpenter ant, work art, fire ant, they are look quite differently from one another. To get such stunning result, Coogler uses the technique called “focus stacking”, which allows for detailed results that would be impossible to achieve otherwise.

The world is just as interesting and complex even if you can’t see it. Bugs are so cool to see, and I hope people realize that they have a whole world of creatures to see right in their backyard.

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