Step into the world of FlameShip, where fireplaces ignite a new sense of wonder. This revolutionary electric fireplace, born in the vibrant city of Krakow, Poland, is set to captivate hearts and transform homes. Get ready to experience the mesmerizing beauty of a flickering flame that remains cool to the touch, all while embracing an eco-conscious approach.

Unlike traditional fireplaces fueled by gas or ethanol, FlameShip is a game-changer. Say goodbye to harmful emissions and hello to safety and sustainability. How does it work? The secret lies in the power of water. Prepare to witness a flame so realistic, it seems straight out of a dream.

With FlameShip, prepare to suspend your disbelief. Its artificial flames mimic the mesmerizing dance of real fire, captivating your senses in ways you never thought possible. Using advanced ultrasonic technology, this innovative fireplace conjures an intricate illusion of flames and smoke, fooling even the most discerning eyes.

Strategically positioned LEDs interact with fine water molecules, transforming a gentle haze into a breathtaking blaze. Beyond its captivating charm, FlameShip represents the perfect union of fire and water, a creative representation of nature’s elements.

Forget costly renovations or the need for ventilation. FlameShip effortlessly creates a warm and inviting ambiance, all while being eco-friendly. Its high-density polymer hull, coated with a thin ceramic layer, is brought to life using precise 3D printing techniques and meticulous handcrafting.

Equipped with a remote control, FlameShip offers four operating modes, each emulating the diverse personalities of real flames. From a smoldering fire to maximum flame flow, choose the setting that suits your mood. Inside, this marvel mirrors a super-charged home humidifier, utilizing ultrasonic technology to transform freshwater into a cool steam that shapes into a lifelike fire. Special lamps emit a warm 2,300 Kelvin light, capturing the color temperature of authentic flames.

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