If you are building a website today, you will likely find it hard not to be overwhelmed with choices. Website development is a challenging process, which is why people in states such as Colorado will turn to website developers.

Instead of building a website from scratch, hiring a Denver web development company might be better. However, even with the help of a website developer, you might need help to get the right solutions you are looking for. What matters in a website design today?

Ensure your website is welcoming

The first thing to focus on with any modern website design is how it welcomes individuals. Opening with a welcoming image and some light text is usually a smart place, to begin with a website design. You want something that will immediately portray to the user what they are visiting and what you have to offer.

Instead of using large paragraphs of text, focus on some light imagery and bullet point lists. This can help to break down necessary details without going overboard visually.

Set a specific color scheme

One key aspect of any website is that it should have a specific color scheme that fits in with your business. If you work within the health industry, you might find that using green is a color that works well because it blends in so well with the color scheme of the industry itself.

You should set a specific color scheme and avoid using colors that contrast negatively with this. Use color combinations that work together in variety, creating a design that looks visually appealing overall.

Find suitable typography

Another thing to focus on would be typography. You want to find a font and a text style that matches the image of your website. A website that is all about creativity and individuality might benefit from a more radical font style. A website for something like a lawyer’s office, though, will generally benefit more from fonts that are slick and professional.

The choice of font you use for headers and body text is going to be just as important as the imagery and color schemes you use, so pay attention to the importance of an intelligent font.

Ensure it works on mobile

Lastly, make sure that your website has a mobile-friendly design. If the website is not as easy to navigate on a mobile device like a smartphone as on a desktop PC, then it needs to be adjusted by your web developer. The design should be simple and easy to work with and use lists. Avoid cluttering the page with things that might cause an individual to click on them with their finger as they scroll.

These four features alone should be enough to help you work out what matters in your website design. Many minor factors can determine the success/failure of a website, but this should go
a long way to ensuring your website at least has the basic foundations in place.

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