Although I was pretty mad at IKEA due to incredible awful delivery and custom service system, I still have to admit it is still one of my favorite stores. They always can do something special to win me back. Just like this year, the sweet Gingerbread Höme kit is a genius idea!

Like or not, this year’s holiday is a bit different. Many of us are grounded at home and have quite limited things to do especially when you have a small kids at home. The Gingerbread Höme kit reminds me that family bakery event is perfect to have some fun with kids.

This fragrant cookie set includes cookie cutters shaped like a MALM bed frame with a LACK night table, a STRANDMOM easy chair with coordinating RENS rug and BILLY bookcase, and a JOCKMOKK dining table with matching chairs. So you can furnish your gingerbread house with edible versions of iconic IKEA furniture. That is so IKEA! And so sweet! You can find the 3D printing files from IKEA Canada so if you happen to have a 3D printer at home, you can make your own cookie cutter. If you are IKEA member and shop in December, you will have the chance to win the set as well.

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