Mess tends to creep up on us at home. One day, you’ll look around and wonder how your home got so disorganized.

Without a system in place, clutter is inevitable. But luckily, there are some quick and easy fixes for organizing every room in your home.

In this post, we’ll walk through how to organize your entire house, room by room so that you can get on top of the mess.

Why You Should Bother Organizing Your Home

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with clutter or mess in your home, you might be struggling to get the motivation to make a change. If so, here are a couple of motivational reasons why you should get started today.

Less stress

Having a messy or disorganized home makes us more anxious and stressed. Studies have even shown that clutter can make us have a negative attitude toward our lives as a whole.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, decluttering will make you feel more in control and happier with your space.

Easier to find things

It’s hugely frustrating when you can’t find something you put down just ten minutes ago. But when you’re house is disorganized, it becomes much easier to misplace things.

When everything has a home, you won’t lose things and save so much time getting ready.

You’ll love your home more

Do you love your home as it is? Our homes should be peaceful retreats where we can recharge and relax. If you hate your home because it’s a mess, it’s putting unnecessary strain on your mental health.

Let’s make your home a place you love coming home to!

Top Tips on Organizing Your Home

The easiest way to organize your home is room by room. So, here are some quick and easy tips for decluttering the different spaces in your house.

How to Organize Your Kitchen

  • Start by emptying your kitchen cupboards and drawers. You can’t declutter if you’re not sure exactly what you have.
  • While your cupboards are empty, give them a quick wipe so you have a nice clean slate.
  • Group your cabinets and drawers into zones, so you know where everything will go (e.g., plates and bowls, utensils, spices, dried goods, etc.).
  • Keep items you use most at eye level and those you use less further away or higher up.
  • Mount a rack for spices and alphabetize them. This makes it so much easier to grab what you need when cooking.
  • Use standing magazine dividers for cutting boards, baking trays, and other flat goods.
  • At the start of each month, evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Don’t be afraid to reorganize if something doesn’t quite work for your kitchen (even if it’s super popular online).

How to Organize Your Bedroom

  • Pull everything out of your closet so it’s totally empty. This will help you figure out how much space you actually have.
  • Be ruthless and purge your clothes. Try everything on and commit to donating any clothes you no longer wear.
  • Organize your hanging clothes by type or season (e.g., jackets, then jumpers, then tops, then vests, etc.).
  • If you have space, use under-bed storage boxes for bulky items or seasonal pieces.
  • Hang artwork on the walls instead of having it on dressers to free up space.
  • Store throw pillows in a decorative basket when you sleep rather than throwing them on the floor.
  • Create a functional nightstand – only store things you actually use at night or first thing in the morning.

How to Organize Your Living Room

  • Invest in the largest storage pieces that fit the space – the more storage space, the better.
  • Set up flexible areas for everyday life, such as low shelving near a sofa for coffee mugs, a small coffee table with storage drawers for books, etc.
  • Take shelving right up to the ceiling and store things used less often at the top.
  • Make sure everything has a home – everything that isn’t bolted down should live in a specific place.
  • Concentrate the storage to one wall if possible; this gives the room space to breathe.
  • Group things that are the same color and texture to make them look organized and stylish.
  • Use a storage ottoman for added storage and seating.

How to Organize Your Bathroom

  • Take everything out of your bathroom cabinets and purge anything that is out of date or not used.
  • If you have drawers, use clear storage bins to keep them tidy.
  • Get a shower caddy for each family member and keep them in a cabinet or bedroom to stop the shower from getting cluttered.
  • Keep as few items out on the counters as possible. This makes it easier to clean and stops the space from looking cluttered.
  • Use over-the-door organizers or adhesive storage bins to make use of the back of cabinet doors.
  • Use hooks instead of towel bars – these look tidier and dry towels quicker.
  • Add a laundry hamper (if there’s space) to avoid clothes and towels ending up on the floor.

How to Organize Your Kid’s Room

  • Always involve your kids – it teaches them how to organize and avoids meltdowns over their favorite toys getting thrown away.
  • Purge monthly to get rid of all the toys and clothes your kids have outgrown.
  • Ask your kids to give you a tour of their room – this will show you how they use the room and the zones they’ve created so you can organize accordingly.
  • Tell your kids it’s ok to throw things away, even if it’s new or a gift. It’s best to donate things rather than hoard them.
  • Start on the floor and work your way up – the floor is usually the most cluttered when you have little ones.
  • Use cubbies and storage boxes to keep different toys and games together.
  • Turn it into a game – challenge your kids to pick up all the red things, ten of the same item, etc.
  • Decorate with a wall mural – these make a room personalized without adding unnecessary clutter.

How to Organize Your Office

  • Establish zones for working, file storage, supply storage, etc.
  • Keep your desk as clutter-free as possible to promote productivity.
  • Add an office plant to improve your mood and make the space feel airy.
  • Categorize your supplies and keep like with like – you can use drawer dividers to keep things in place.
  • Create an organized file system for your computer files. Label folders and spend time at least once a week putting all your files in the appropriate folders.
  • Keep a basket near your desk for paperwork and go through it once a week to store or shred everything.
  • If you have a million chargers, label them all so you’re not searching through the pile for the right one.

How to Organize Your Outdoor Space

  • Get a hideaway hose to keep it neat and tidy when not in use.
  • Keep all your tools in one place, either in the garage or a tool shed. This makes them much easier to organize and find when needed.
  • If you love gardening, buy a potting bench. You can store all your pots, soil, and tools on the bench and keep them all in one neat area.
  • Use tall shelving for plant pots, BBQ equipment, and more. The more you treat your garden like another room, the easier it is to organize.
  • Hang gardening tools on wall hooks to keep them off the floor.
  • Invest in a large storage bin to stash all the kids’ toys and games.

Tips For Maintaining a Clean And Organized Home

If you’re in the process of organizing your home but can’t seem to keep it clean for more than a few days, here are some quick tips.

  • Put items away after you’ve used them – that goes for everything from books to the TV remote.
  • Empty the sink and dishwasher every morning.
  • Do just ten or fifteen minutes of cleaning every day. A little every day adds up and means you can avoid huge cleans every weekend.
  • Stay on top of clutter by throwing one or two items away every week.
  • Figure out where the danger zones are and put systems in place (e.g., a storage bin on the kitchen counter where clutter accumulates).
  • Make your bed every morning – it makes a huge difference.
  • Get the family involved. If you’re the only one who knows about your organizational system, it won’t get used.

Enjoy Your Clutter-Free Home

Having an organized home takes work. Even if everything has a place and you’ve purged the clutter, you still need to keep on top of your systems.

No one has a perfect home (even the perfect-looking homes on Instagram suffer from mess). But if you commit to just ten or fifteen minutes of cleaning every day, you’ll have an organized home that you love being in.

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