I love flicking through comics, especially those adorable and heartwarming ones. These type of comics like a treat or a remedy, distracting us from whatever is bothering us. And the Colombian illustrator Andres Colmenares‘ comics are definitely such kind of work. It features cute animals and various everyday things coming to life and reminding us what is really important.

Colmenares take inspiration from all different sources. Different from some artists who try to share their thoughts about the pandemic, Colmenares usually avoids talking about the negative things. He focuses more on scenes that people might experience and relate to. Moreover, his open-ending work allows that different people find different meanings to it. Other times, he just simply draw something silly and funny. Because he wants his work can be a break from all the bad news and negativity you see around.

Below are 20 our favorite work from Colmenares. Find more on his website or Instagram page.

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