The pandemic has done a lot of negative things for all of us but on the bright side, it did give us more freedom and time on our hands. A lot of people make use of this extra time in their own ways. Some try to make extra money. Some try to improve their current skill set. What could be good to do on your end is to develop a new hobby.

There are so many hobbies to get into nowadays. However, if you want something that helps exercise your minds and your creativity, you might want to consider the hobbies we’ll list moving forward. These will help get your creative juices flowing while helping you create wonderful pieces of art.


Cosplay or costume play is basically the practice of dressing up in your favorite character. There’s a strong and supportive community behind cosplaying because it’s just a liberating hobby to get into. How does cosplaying help you get in touch with your creative side?

Most cosplayers create their own costumes from scratch. If you are really creative, you’ll be able to come up with an outfit that looks exactly like the character you are going for. There are countless conventions through which you can show off your work.

You don’t even have to come in a costume. You can create the costume of others as well. It’s not just a creative hobby, it’s also a hobby you can profit from if you’re good enough.

Create Liquid Art

When we say liquid art, we aren’t talking about making art with water. That would be near impossible. Instead, we are talking about using epoxy resin. This thick and setting liquid can be used for various purposes and the amount of art you can create with them is nearly endless.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ll give you an idea of what you can do. Grab an empty jar and fill the insides with things like sand, plastic flowers, and colorful pebbles. Try to imagine what the view underwater would be like and recreate that scenario. Once you’ve set everything up, pour in the resin and let it set. Viola! You’d get an amazing work of art for display.

This isn’t just what you can do though. There are many ways you can be creative with resin. Others make tables, coasters, and figurines using resin. It’s a modern artist’s medium which is why it’s the perfect hobby to dive into if you want to explore your creative side. Epoxy resin can be expensive though. If you want to save on your resin, here are a few coupons for Ksresin which can give you huge discounts. Soon enough, you’ll be able to create countless liquid art right at the comforts of your home.

Creative Writing

If you aren’t into arts and crafts, it’s not yet hopeless for you. A good alternative to hands-on creative hobbies is creative writing! There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in a fantasy world of your own creation. Even something as simple as a poem can challenge your mind to be more active.

A lot of people use writing as a means to help themselves relax and unwind. Whatever you choose to write, make sure that it’s something that you enjoy fully so that you create something wonderful. What’s great about writing is that it’s very easy to share your work with others online.

There are communities that can appreciate fan fiction, poems, and other amazing literary works. They can help you improve your writing effectively as well.


You don’t have to go too far to find a creative hobby. Something as simple, and as tried and tested as painting is more than enough to get your creative juices flowing. It’s one of the most accessible hobbies to get into because you don’t need to go far to get the tools necessary to begin it.

What’s great about painting is that each artist carries their own style. You don’t have to liken your paintings to Van Gogh’s, Da Vinci’s, Banksy’s, and other artists out there. You can develop your own unique style. Painting is arguably one of the best hobbies if you want to explore your creativity.

These creative hobbies can not just give you the means to spend your free time productively. These hobbies are also good for your health too. Who knows, there might be some hidden talent in you that you’ve yet to discover. These creative hobbies might just be what you need to explore what those talents are.

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