To get a good night’s sleep an adult needs at least 6 hours of sleep, a cozy bedroom, a comfortable mattress, and of course quality bed linens! What does quality bedding mean? Going to the textile store you’ll find an infinite number of different sets, materials, fabric density, sizes, and prints. What to say about the price and the manufacturer’s brand. If you do not understand all this, most likely the seller will shove you a bad set of quality for a lot of money, because a high price does not guarantee good quality. That is why we decided to write this guide for you to familiarize you with the main points on the selection of high-quality and comfortable bed linens. Read to the end to make the right choice of solid sheet set!

5 Useful Tips for Choosing Bed Linen

Tip #1: Size.

In order not to encounter a situation where the bed linen does not fit your bed, it is better to know the dimensions of your mattress in advance and choose the right size of linen. Beds come in several kinds, namely single beds with aspect ratios of 150×210 – 160×220, beds for two (175×210 – 200×220). Separately, we can distinguish “king-size” with aspect ratios from 200×220 to 220×240. There are also two types of pillowcase sizes: 70 by 70 and 50 by 70. Pay attention to these details, as it will be difficult to fit a pillow into a small pillowcase later.

Tip #2: Fabric.

This point is very important when choosing linens. In textiles, the most popular material is cotton, which is not surprising, because it is natural and relatively inexpensive. Cotton in bed linen comes in three varieties:

  • satin (shiny fabric, quite durable);
  • calico (the most popular type, wear-resistant, pleasant to the touch, and the cheapest version of cotton);
  • batiste (a very thin, but also insanely soft material. Not suitable for constant use).

Tip #3: Quality.

Another important consideration when choosing linens is quality. Open the package before buying and try the feel, the fabric should be soft, pleasant, and light. Also, pay attention to the strength of the fabric, so you don’t have to throw it away after the first wash.

Tip #4: Patterns and Paints

There are millions of different colors and patterns of linens on the market. Choose your tone and style and work from there. You can check out the variety of linens in the bedsheets store LINENS & HUTCH. It is important to remember that the colors used in the product should be organic and hypoallergenic so that you don’t get body irritations.

Tip #5: Stitches.

Inspect the linen well to make sure it has double seams and that the work is neatly done. Poor-quality products don’t pay the necessary attention to seams, and some simply glue their products together. Stay away from such brands.

The Ideal Bed Linen: What Is It?

Sleeping is the most important part of human life. Soft and comfortable, pleasant to the touch and smooth linens are sure to give you a good night’s sleep and proper rest. What requirements should bedsheets have, taking into consideration the fact, that it is in contact with your body all night long?

  1. The fabric must be breathable, that is it must be breathable. It is also desirable that the fabric absorbs moisture well.
  2. Only natural fabrics, no synthetics. Bamboo and linen are the most natural and breathable, and natural cotton fibers are ideal. For the most delicate sleep, you can choose silk.
  3. Durable and dense fabrics should be a priority. Typically, linens are washed every week, if you buy a transparent fabric, in a month it will pass into disrepair.
  4. The colors used in linen should be hypoallergenic and not washed in hot water (laundry is best washed in water 60 degrees or more).

If you take into account all of the above, you will be able to find your perfect linens, which will last you a long time and your sleep will be comfortable.

Once you understand the types of fabrics, their density, you can easily choose a bedsheet for yourself. What to choose – a personal matter, the main thing to remember is that it should be natural and comfortable to sleep. We hope that our material will help you with your choice!

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