Most of us can agree on one thing. Unfortunately, water is becoming scanty and that’s something nobody can deny. The population is continuously increasing and the water is, as we all know, limited.

What does it mean then? It forces us to conclude that all of us must find a way to incorporate various strategies and techniques that are going to help us preserve water in the long haul. Nowadays, it is easy to see that numerous places in the world are facing extreme drought.

One of the biggest reasons why all of this is happening is precisely our behavior because a lot of households waste tons and tons of water each year and it’s a must to find a way to decrease it. Every individual should act as the entire universe depends on him/her. So what can you do to reduce your water footprint? Here are the steps you can take.

Turn Off Faucets

One of the easiest, yet very important steps you can make is by turning off faucets. Never allow it to run endlessly whenever you’re washing your face, hands, dishes, shave or brush your teeth.

Namely, bathroom faucets normally run at about two gallons of water each minute, according to the EPA reports. That’s why you should instantly turn off the tap each time you’re shaving or brushing your teeth. This strategy is going to save hundreds of gallons every month.

Another thing worth mentioning is to ensure your leaks are working properly. Even one slow drip from a leaking faucet can waste a lot of water. Approximately, around twenty gallons per day, which is around two hundred gallons each day if we’re referring to a leaky toilet.

Dual Flush Toilet

For those of you who haven’t heard of them before, we are about to provide you with some important details. Viz, dual flush toilets are very cost-effective, upkeep, and more importantly, have an environmental impact. Moreover, they come with two setting mechanism that helps them function normally.

This type of mechanism is typically a lever or a button on the toilet that enables people to flush either a high volume flush or low volume flush. Unlike the traditional ones that are packed with one flushing option only, the low volume flush of these toilets enables the conservation of water when utilizing the liquid waste setting.

Many experts claim that these toilets are extremely efficient and are at the same time in compliance with the National Energy Policy Act of 1994. Furthermore, they do not employ more than 1.6 gallons per single flush compared to classic ones.

Modify Your Diet

What a lot of people fail to understand is that it takes a plethora of water to process, grow and transport food. Having animals for dairy products and meat can be very water-intensive. According to some studies, one pound of pork requires around six hundred gallons of water, one pound of beef almost two thousand and a pound of chicken less than five hundred, and so on.

So what is the point of all this information? Does it mean that you should stop consuming dairy products and meat and focus only on vegetables and fruit? The answer is no. You do not have to get rid of these products forever.

The only thing you’re supposed to do is to reduce their consumption and turn to local shops and even better grow your own food if you have a garden. If more people choose these things, they are not going to decrease water usage but these actions are also going to lead to less food waste.

Generally speaking, fruits, grains, and vegetables are extremely healthy, yet they do not require as much water as animal products. Plus, it is widely known that heavy meat consumption is far from healthy.

Eat First-Class Meat

If you find it too drastic and difficult to eliminate or reduce meat, then there is another smart alternative. You can always use pasture-raised animals because in most cases pasture relies mostly on rainfall, while industrially farmed animals usually eat irrigated corn which draws on the planet’s restricted surface.

Every change matters, no matter how big or small it is. Even the tiniest one can make a huge difference and impact, hence, you shouldn’t be having any second thoughts about it. On the contrary. You should do your best to implement at least one of the suggestions that we listed and try to convince others to do exactly the same.

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