Back in 2018, it was the first time we introduced Hyper Realistic Paper Food Creation by Minneapolis-based artist Ann Wood. Wood crafted a vast array of florals, food, and insects so realistic that it takes a second glance to realize they’re made from paper.

We just come across Wood’s work again and found she have added so many other amazing paper creation in the past 3 years. Although Wood’s paper florals look incredible, we would like to show you something different here – paper food. How these paper food look like? How about have some oyster mushrooms with wide caps and thinly folded gills grow from a hunk of wood? Or bundles of radishes with long, spindly roots? These paper food just fill with intricated details. Look at the texture on the grapefruit. Or the seed inside cucumber.

Wood’s realistic creations are based on plants she grows in her garden and other forms she encounters. These vegetable and fruits are exquisitely sculpted and detailed with paint, wax, and colored pencils, It usually takes four days to a week to create each specimen for Wood. And as she said “All plants are individuals, each with its own uniqueness. Many times it’s the flaws and the blemishes that make a specimen most interesting.”

Like Wood’s work? I strongly suggest you head over to her Instagram to see more of her amazing paper work.

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