Interesting Sign Language

There are lots of signs used in our daily life, traffic sign, instruction sign, commercial sign. However, if a sign is not well designed or in the wrong placement, it might cause confusion and even get some hilarious effect.

interesting sign language

Enter or Not Enter. It is your decision.
“Taken outside a Target store in Coralville, Iowa, USA” – Brian Siguenza

interesting sign language

Have their balls REMOVED???!!!!
Sent in by Bruce Coatta from Canada

interesting sign language

This sign might only work in some action movie. Who the else come drive up this way?
Location: Hok Tau Reservoir, New Territories, Hong Kong; Spotted by: The Jupp Family

interesting sign language

Long road ahead
Location: Outback Australia; Spotted by: Melanie Kirkcaldy

interesting sign language

Seriously – which way?
Location: Pennsylvania, USA; Spotted by: Kelly Parks

interesting sign language

Way Off Piste
Location: Pilatus Mountain, Switzerland; Spotted by: Regina Meyer

interesting sign language

World’s Most Uncomfortable Ski Lift
Location: Chamonix, France; Spotted by: Belinda Hillard

interesting sign language

Um, No Lap Dancing? No Red Underwear? This is actually asking women not to urinate here. Why only women? How about men?
Location: Split, Croatia; Spotted by: Caitlin Thomas

interesting sign language

It’s Raining Men
Location: Mertola, Portugal; Spotted by: Sarah Eriksen

interesting sign language

A death valley == health center? lol

interesting sign language

Anyone for a dull adventure? Unfortunate placement of a visitor attraction sign in Scotland.
Photo location: Near Aberfeldy, Perthshire; Picture: Kirsten Lillie

interesting sign language

Can you keep a secret? There’s a secret nuclear bunker on the way to Brentwood. You can’t miss it. Just take the A128 and follow the “Secret Nuclear Bunker” signs.
Photo location: Essex; Picture: Phil Crane

interesting sign language

Location: Lake District; Spotted by: Jeremy Bartle

interesting sign language

Location: Kavieng, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea; Spotted by: Niall Davidson

interesting sign language

Please give me number 9 at least!
Spotted by: Tim Bentinck

interesting sign language

I envy the men of this particular street.
Location Nelson, New Zealand; Spotted by: Nick Brown

interesting sign language

A false teeth for sale. It is fresh and just taken off from a dead person.
Location Mexico; Spotted by: Jim Pierce

interesting sign language

Deer will cross here. But what hell to do with the three animals on the sign?
Location North Vancouver, B.C., Canada; Spotted by:Ruth Tebbutt

For more interesting signs, visit signspotting

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19 Responses

  1. tommy says:

    Funny. Thanks for posting.

  2. stainless steel cooking says:

    Great way to break up a dull afternoon. Thanks for these pics and the laughs!

  3. jeff says:

    Funny stuff….I’m still laughing at the secret nuclear bunker…lol

  4. Jody says:

    Too funny!

  5. Bob says:

    I live near the Bunker. It’s a museum of a cold war relic

  6. WOW! These are some realy funny signs.

  7. Kylie says:

    Nothing funny about the Australian sign. Would you rather they NOT tell you there’s no fuel for the next 500ks? We have signs like that all over the place. They save lives.

  8. Johnny says:

    On the 3rd pic I can understand the no bikes sign… kids might try to grind the rails with their bikes.

  9. dawson says:

    The ‘Deer Crossing’ signs are supposed to get more attention, as people are thinking “Why the f*ck was there a rhino on that f*cking sign?” instead of “Sign-blah-blah-what? sign? did I see a sign?”

    The drunk locals one is fake.

  10. mary says:

    Hilarious!! OMG! The gold course and nuclear bunker ones were my favorites! HEHEHE still laughing!

  11. Kyle says:


    the last one isnt there

    i live in north vancouver, there are no such signs

  12. cAROLINE1957 says:

    Amazing that there are such funny signs around us.

  13. zmaja says:

    it’s raining men is my absolute fav!

  14. Drewski says:

    Haha for some reason the Deer Crossing one made me laugh for like 90 seconds straight

  15. poop alot says:

    interesting…..very interesting

  16. gargoil says:

    Yes, there ARE signs like that in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’ve seen them myself on the road to Deep Cove.

  17. BaiShan says:

    I live in Vancouver and have it on good authority that the exotic animals represented on the deer warning signs were used because there were no deer in the animal cracker box the sign painters were having for lunch, so they had to copy what they had.

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